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We are locating our master bedroom in the helpful people area and my son is possibly moving in to our old bedroom which is in the relationship area. How can I make sure our new space is very powerful?

It is best practice to have the parents located in the back half of the house or home (relationship area) with the children located in the front half. Those that are positioned in the back half of the house will be in control. Based on what you have described, your son will now be in control of the house and be ruling the nest.

I would recommend that you keep the master bedroom and the command position so that you can take care of yourselves and your son. When moving yourself to the front of the house (helpful people area), you are taking away your own ability to be in control of the living situation.

When moving to a new room, the first and most important item to consider is the proper placement of the bed. I would then make sure that you have a bed with an attached headboard made of wood or fabric that is touching the wall. And you should have enough space to walk around both sides of the bed. When one side of the bed is up against a wall, this can have an impact on your relationship or your public life.

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