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Is having a bed "Cross-Wise" of a doorway "Blocking" joy or prosperity ?

Question: How i mean is - the door and an opposite window are like the vertical line of a plus sign & the bed is the horizontal line, also there is a window opposite the foot of the bed.

2nd question: Is it "Blocking" to have a couch under a front picture window ( facing inwards ) ? Ought the couch not be against an opposite wall FACING the picture window?

Feng Shui BedroomGreat question. The first thing you will want to do for the bed and the bedroom is to make sure that your bed is in a command position.

Having the bed in a command position can have a positive impact on your career, health, wealth, sleep and overall well-being. Regarding the window at your feet, it is most important to be in a command position and the other items such as having a window across from your feet, clearing clutter, and bedroom colors are secondary.

The command position can also be applied to living room furniture. You don't want to be in a direct line of the door as this will create an uncomfortable feeling when sitting in that location. Always best if you have a view of the entrance but not be in direct line of the door.

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