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The 5 Feng Shui Principles That Unlock Breakthrough Results In Your Personal & Professional Life...

(even when you are feeling stuck, frustrated or drained!)


How do I bring good vibes into my business to help with money? My place of work is not doing well and I want to help by bringing in good energy and good vibes...how can I do this?

Dead Office PlantsThere are many different factors that could attribute to business difficulties. There is the mundane such as marketing, lead generation, customer service, economy, client retention, referrals, etc. Then there is the transcendental or energetic side.

Without seeing the place or having a better understanding of the situation, it is difficult to make a proper assement and provide the best remedy or suggestions.

I find that when I work with many businesses that are declining or stuck, they they do not have any life energy in the space. I would consider introducing plants, flowers and the potential of water features.

I once consulted for a business where the CEO had a dead plant in the wealth corner of his office along with a a variety of other things. Now they have a plant service and business is booming. Not to say that removing the dead plant and adding a plant service caused the turn around but if you ask the CEO, there is no way that he will go back to the old way.

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